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Mixed Use Product
Located in Heber City Utah

Mountain View Commons is the latest mixed-use development in Heber Volley, featuring residential, retail, commercial, and warehouse space. It exemplifies a modern approach by seamlessly integrating life, work, and ploy, setting a new benchmark for multi-purpose developments. 

By combining work, living, and leisure opportunities in one location, work-live-ploy developments like Mountain View Commons offer residents and businesses a convenient and vibrant environment to thrive and engage in a variety of activities all in one location.


These types of developments are becoming increasingly popular as they promote a healthy work-life balance and foster a sense of community among residents and workers. 


Retail, Commercial, and Residential Properties

Zoned for residential, retail, commercial, and warehouse use, Mountain View Commons is the Heber Valley’s newest mixed-use development offering. Embodying the forward-thinking mentality of uniting life, work, and play together in one convenient package, Mountain View Commons sets the new standard for today’s new multi-purpose, mixed-use development.



We’ve sought to create dynamic, multi-functional spaces that offer endless opportunities to house the many facets of daily life: from residential offerings to restaurants and retail spaces, yoga studios, spa services, offices and doctor’s practices, or even secure toy storage for large items like boats, cars, snowmobiles and 4x4’s. In the flexible, hybrid spaces at Mountain View Commons, the needs and wants of all are both dispersed and found; our goal is to provide opportunities for engagement, entrepreneurship, and energy in a functional set-up within a striking landscape that only

the Beehive State could provide.



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